When should research be conducted?

A minimum of 1 semester of undergraduate research must be completed before graduation for the B.S. in Biology, and a minimum of 1 semester of undergraduate research (or equivalent biology-related experience) must be completed for the B.A. in Biology

While only 1 semester is required, many students choose to continue working on their undergraduate research project for multiple semesters.

In order to make sure that you complete this requirement before you graduate, we encourage you to plan for it during your sophomore or junior year. That way, this gives you enough time to find an available spot in a lab of your choosing.

If you wait too long, you may have a hard time finding an available spot as these do fill up. If a lab you are interested in notifies you that they are full, it is best to continue contacting faculty members until you find a lab that has a spot open.

You may start research for credit as early as your sophomore year after completing your 100 level courses. It is optimal to begin research in your junior year, or no later than fall senior year.

We strongly discourage waiting until second semester Senior year to complete your undergraduate research. It may be difficult to find a lab with openings at that time, and it may be harder to find a project that you are interested in. So, in summary, start planning early !