B.A. Undergraduate Experience: Getting started

Who? All Wake B.A. Biology majors are required to complete one semester of undergraduate research or related experience before they graduate.

What? Undergraduate B.A. experience in biology consists of participating in a project. It may involve science education-based work, science communication, or other activities that are related to biology and involve an internship.

When? One semester of undergraduate research or experience must be completed before graduation. While only one semester is required, many students opt to conduct more than one semester. This allows them to gain more experience and continue to focus on their project.

Where? Undergraduate research can be conducted as described on the B.S. undergraduate research page or as described in this B.A. undergraduate experience page. It may take place on or off campus.

Why? Because undergraduate research and/or biology-related experiences provide students with a fantastic opportunity to participate in ongoing research projects or applied activities related to biology. While introductory lab classes may focus on teaching you the techniques used in science, being in a research lab or interning in a biology-related experience will teach you what it looks like to discover new information about the natural world and/or show you what a career looks like in science.

How? Now that you have a better understanding of a B.A. undergrad research/experience requirement, you will need to get registered to receive research credit. We hope this website will help you to navigate this process.